Underwriting Process and Investment Management

Initial Underwriting

Due Diligence

Funding Loan Servicing  and Management

Loan Repayment

  • Obtain/review loan   application
  • Run/review  credit
  • Complete deal analysis
  • Order appraisal
  • Complete term sheet
  • Request title, survey and insurance Loan committee review
  • Review paystubs
  • Review personal and business tax returns
  • Review  1099/W-2's
  • Review copies of all assets
  • Review bank statements
  • Review retirement Plans/mutual fund statements
  • Review appraisal
  • Review realtor CMA
  • Review contractor bids
  • Order flood certification
  • Order drive report
  • Business license/CPA  letter
  • UCC tax lien search
  • Social security verification IRS transcripts
  • Processor sets closing  with attorney
  • Supporting documents/term &  Funding sheet sent to attorney &closer for review
  • Closer produces closing docs & disbursement  stmt.
  • Attorney approves closing  docs, disbursement statement, and HUD
  • ACH established for loan payments
  • Note and Mortgage filed
  • Register with Property Fraud Alert
  • Property Inspector site visit
  • Review Inspector report
  • Random inspections
  • Monthly title tract searches
  • Property tax payments from escrow taken at  closing
  • Payoff statement generated
  • Lien on title released post loan repayment
  • All loan repayments recorded on the HUD


Medford's Underwriting and Post Investment Processes

Underwriting Process

Post-Investment Management

  • Medford treats every loan the same way a bank would underwrite a conventional mortgage
  • Medford requires the following to complete due diligence:
  • Review loan application with Borrower – This includes discussing their personal financial statements, current credit position, property exit strategy, real estate investing experience 
  • Perform deal analysis, review appraisal, and realtor valuation
  • Obtain and review borrower information including: recent paystubs, prior 2 year tax returns – business and personal, prior 2 years W-2 statements/1099 statements, copy of all assets, and ID
  • Perform a UCC tax lien search for borrower and PG
  • Verify social security information and tax transcripts for last 2 years
  • Obtain copies of contractor documents including:  Blue prints, scope of work, Certificates of Insurance , Contracts



  • Once loan is funded, it is added to the tracking system and  the administrative team monitors and reconciles the monthly loan payments
  • On a monthly basis, borrowers receive an email detailing the monthly interest and insurance payment
  • If payments are delinquent, a phone call and letter are initiated stating that the borrower is in default of the loan.  The payment may be drawn from the reserves while Medford resolve the issue with the borrower.   If the issue cannot be resolved, Legal is brought in to initiate foreclosure proceedings.  YTD  we have not had to initiate these extreme measures.   

Fund Investors

  • On a quarterly basis, we send out an investment return recap to all investors in the fund
  • Medford's administrative team tracks and manages all monthly distributions to investors