Overview of Medford Capital
  1. Medford was founded by life-long real estate professionals who recognized the growing need for an alternative lending product in today's real estate markets.

  2. The company's business strategy and offerings were founded on the following basic principals:

    • Be a provider of 'bridge money' (e.g. short term, high interest) loans to borrowers who are unable to obtain traditional financing.

    • Primarily lend on transactions involving commercial and non-owner occupied residential real estate.

    • Focus on identifying properties located in central Midwestern markets including northeastern Illinois, southeast Wisconsin, northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan.

    • Offer loans with 6-12 month terms, interest-only payments, and approximately 30% equity (70% LTV) requirement

    • Charge typical borrowers between 10-12% annualized and 3-5 points per 6-month period (prorated for loans longer than 6 months)

    • Provide attractive returns to investors by designating 80% of interest income and 20% of non-interest income for investor distributions, minus reasonable fund expenses. Further boost returns by securing low-interest lines of credit and assigning a share of the spread on this capital to investor distributions.

  3. Medford is managed by a seasoned team of real estate professionals with over 60 years combined experience in the real estate lending and brokerage industry.

  4. Medford specializes in real estate first and has put in place rigorous underwriting procedures.

  5. Medford has an impressive track record of strong returns, consistently in the 9.5-10.5% (annualized) range.