Medford Business Highlights
Attractive Lending Opportunities
  • Medford has unique access to a large number of high-credit worthy borrowers unable to obtain traditional financing
  • Demand remains high for Medford's lending solutions given its speed and flexibility advantages over traditional bank financing
Strong Track Record and Extensive Real Estate Experience
  • Medford understands the fundamental aspects of real estate lending and evaluation
  • Medford principals¬† have originated over $1.6B in residential mortgages over 25 years of banking experience
  • Medford principals have brokered, developed, bought, and sold over $200M of residential real estat
Very Attractive Economic Profile
  • Medford loan products yield significant up front payment and ongoing returns, while minimizing risk with superior (70%) Loan-To-Value (“LTV”) profiles and 6 month interest & tax reserves. Investment profile is very attractive, 9.5-10.5% average net return to investors
Unique Value Proposition
  • Medford provides a unique lending solution in the market, serving borrowers that need short-term capital not available from conventional lenders who generally look to deploy capital over a longer hold period
  • Medford is uniquely focused on making good real estate investments first and using capital to support those investments vs. financial engineerin
Favorable Financing
  • Medford provides financing to borrowers at very competitive rates relative to our competition. Borrowers get access to capital quickly in order to execute investments In addition to debt financing, Medford has the flexibility to opportunistically invest equity to provide ‘gap funding’,¬† a unique feature for investors and clients
Efficiency and Flexibility
  • The Fund creates an efficient vehicle for lending to smaller assets as well as large, with lower offering and organizational costs
Portfolio Disposition Opportunities
  • Sale of properties resulting in loan payoff is the most common occurrence, as the majority of borrowers seek to renovate and sell on the market
  • In some cases, loans are made for short term investment opportunities, which are later re-financed into conventional loans or paid off through other income sources or sales of other properties
Disciplined Approach to Secured Real Estate Lending
  • Medford is committed to its investors and provides consistent, dependable monthly income
  • Medford has put in place a very strong back office with 25+ years of lending experience
  • Medford has a diversified portfolio of loans secured by underlying real estate at risk-minimizing LTV ratios